What are people saying about War of the Burning Sky?

“This was my first experience with EN Publishing and I have to say I am highly impressed … I recommend this highly.” – Grymar, EN World.

“The first adventure in this saga is an absolute delight.” – Lesie Linder, RPGNow.

“Well-written, engaging adventure.” – Ward Miller, RPGNow.

“This is a good adventure that hints at even better things to come.” – Andrew Branstaf, RPGNow.

“…a very enjoyable adventure and a cracking start to the War of the Burning Sky campaign saga.” – Peter Ingham, RPGNow.

“Overall, I really enjoyed running the adventure and it seemed as if my players had a lot of fun playing it.” – Amethal, EN World.

“…a role-playing over combat oriented group’s wet dream.” – Vanuslux, EN World.

“…this is a rather meaty adventure with a great deal of depth and originality.” – Vanuslux, EN World.

“First-rate quality in all respects. Adapted into a stand-alone adventure, it would serve your home campaign very well.” – Malcolm MacDonald, RPGNow.

“So far, this is an excellent series of adventures … with a great mix of combat, role-playing and problem solving. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure path.” – Jeffrey Vincent, RPGNow.

“I have played through the first and second installment and it has been worth every penny.” – Richard Orlowski, RPGNow.

“This is a great introduction and Player’s Guide to the War of the Burning Sky campaign saga.” – Flynn, EN World.

“…a well-conceived and evocative campaign guide with a lot of great information….”- Flynn, EN World.

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