Intro Pack

Intro Pack for D&D 5E

Intro Pack for D&D 3.5 & D&D 4E

The free War of the Burning Sky intro pack includes the first adventure, The Scouring of Gate Pass, and the free Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide. The Campaign Guide includes a full overview of the saga and is meant only for GMs/DMs. The Player’s Guide is designed for players, and contains background information and character options.

The FREE Player’s Guide contains information for your players, including setting information, character options, and more.

You are welcome to distribute these guides in any way you wish, as long as you do so for free and do not sell them.  Please refer people to this website where you can.

The Campaign Guide contains an overview of the entire adventure path, its plot and antagonists, and other DM/GM-only information. Players should not read the Campaign Guide.

These guides are also available in softcover format for a nominal price.

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