Note: the hardcover is only available for D&D 3.5. Sorry!

The massive War of the Burning Sky hardcover compiled edition for D&D 3.5. One of the biggest RPG products ever made!

This gorgeous hardcover contains (and serious, to see how gorgeous this book is, check out this thread on EN World for loads of preview images!):

  • All twelve adventures of the War of the Burning Sky adventure path for D&D 3.5.
  • The Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide
  • A massive rules appendix compiling all of the new rules material, classes, feats, spells, magic items and more from the saga
  • Five bonus sidequest advantures
  • A short section covering Ragos, the capital city of Ragesia
  • A narrative prologue covering the events leading up to the War of the Burning Sky
  • A special coupon which allows you to download a PDF version of the book for FREE.

All in a massive, beautiful, full colour, hardback book – bigger and better than any that have come before it, this is the ultimate in D&D campaigns!

Compiled Softcover

If the hardcover is a bit too hefty for your purse, we also have a compiled 640-page softcover version at RPGNow for only $34.99.  It’s the black-and-white edition (that’s how we were able to bring the price down so much).  You can also pick up the compiled PDF (which is the full-colour 708-page version) there.

Preview Images

This is what it looks like inside.  Like we said, it’s gorgeous!

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