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WotBS Errata. Do you have a print version of War of the Burning Sky or just want to know the significant changes in a new version of an adventure? Check the errata to stay up to date or download the new maps.

Paragons of the Burning Sky:  A short supplement for the 4E version introducing new WotBS paragon paths:  Aspirant of the East Wind, Biomancer, Disciple of the West Wind, Gate Pass Resistance Fighter, Knight of the Aquiline Cross, Lyceum Adept, Order of Echoed Souls, Ragesian Inquisitor, Solei Palancis, Trillth Bound, and Wayfarer Cirqueliste.


We have a number of maps compiled into PDFs for each adventure.  These are the same maps from the adventures, conveniently separated out for you.

Fantasy Grounds II Modules

We have the first four modules in Fantasy Grounds II format (these were fan-created by EugeneZ, not made by EN Publishing).  They come in ZIP files protected with passwords which can be answered if you have the original adventures (D&D 4th Edition versions):


Savage Worlds

If you’re a Savage Worlds player or GM, WotBS fan Zadmar has created the following excellent resource which you can download from EN World.

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